If you have more than 1 piano in the same location, and you can have them all tuned in the same visit, a 10% discount will be applied to the total.


Basic Tuning:  Please call for pricing

A basic tuning is given when a piano is regularly tuned at least once per year, and the pitch of the piano is found to be within the 437 to 441 range. All pianos will be tuned to standard pitch, A=440, unless otherwise requested by the client. (For more information on this subject, please see the FAQ page.) A Basic tuning service also includes any other minor services, such as retrieving pencils or other debris from the interior, minor adjustments needed to 1 or 2 keys, etc. Anything more involved will require an extra fee.

A basic tuning takes approximately one hour, please plan accordingly.


Pitch Raise Tuning:

A pitch raise tuning is given when the pitch of the piano has fallen below 436, either due to extreme humidity/temperature conditions, or if it has not been tuned in a long time. A pitch raise tuning will take extra time, and could possibly need a second tuning visit. While the determination for a pitch raise tuning cannot be made until the piano is seen in person, please be prepared to answer questions about the piano's history and previous service when scheduling your appointment.



Some repairs are easy and quick (in which case, they'll probably be included in the Basic Tuning price), and some take longer and are more complicated. If the action has to be removed in order to make the repair, an extra charge will be applied. Typical repairs include: squeaking pedals, broken jacks, tight or loose center pins, broken strings, agraffe replacement, damper ringing noises, other buzzing noises, etc. A determination and consultation with the client will be made about the need for repairs and the cost involved before any repairs are started. Any replacement parts that must be purchased in order to complete the repair will be charged to the client.


Interior Cleaning:

Includes cleaning, dusting and vacuuming of soundboard, plate and action interior.


Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System Installation

$400 for upright pianos, $600 for grand pianos

Price includes the Dampp-Chaser patented humidity control system, installation of the system, and a tuning of the piano 1 to 2 weeks after installation. Extra bottles of the Pad Treatment for the system are $15. Regular once per year changing of the filter pads in the system is recommended, and will be $10. Please see the FAQs page for more information on the Dampp-Chaser system.


Regulation and Voicing

Please call to schedule an on-site consultation.

Please see the FAQ page for more information on what regulation and voicing entail.


Estimates/Appraisals: $150 (written report included)

Fee will be applied to any further service made on the piano.